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Speaker calls on Lebanese parliament to ...

Lebanese parliament speaker Berri strikes gavel at end of parliamentary session in parliament in Beirut') top left no-repeat;Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri called on Wednesday for parliament to elect a new president on April 23, in a race overshadowed by growing violence and political paralysis. President Michel Suleiman's six-year term ends in late May. Parliament must approve his successor with a two-thirds majority but political sources say the process is likely to be delayed, possibly for months, due to divisions in parliament over the Syrian war. Lebanon's National News Agency said Berri had called Cardinal Beshara al-Rai, the head of Lebanon's Maronite Christian Church, and informed him of his decision. Under Lebanon's political system, which seeks to guarantee representation for its various sects and religions, the president must be a Maronite Christian. (full story)

Conservatives Rand Paul, Ted Cruz test ...

Senator Rand Paul speaks during the inaugural Freedom Summit meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire') top left no-repeat;(This April 12 story was corrected to change name of organizing group in the third paragraph to Americans for Prosperity Foundation from Americans for Prosperity) By Gabriel Debenedetti MANCHESTER, New Hampshire - Conservative Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz tested the 2016 presidential waters at an event on Saturday in the influential state of New Hampshire at which potential opponents from the more moderate wing of the party did not appear. ... (full story)

Panama presidential candidates tied ahead ...

Panama's ruling party presidential candidate and an opposition challenger are in a dead heat ahead of the Central American country's May 4 vote, a poll showed on Monday. Jose Arias, from the ruling Democratic Change (CD)party, and Juan Navarro, from the moderate left opposition Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), both won 32 percent support in a poll by Ipsos and Canal 13. The country's current vice president, Juan Varela, took 26 percent in the poll. Varela broke with current President Ricardo Martinelli and ran on the ticket of the Panamenista Party. (full story)

Student killed in opposition protest at ...

Riot police fire tear gas during a demonstration at the front of Cairo University') top left no-repeat;A student was killed on Monday in clashes between police and Muslim Brotherhood supporters at Cairo University, a medic said, in a protest called by the Islamist opposition against the army-backed government. Security forces fired teargas at protesters who in turn hurled fireworks and at least two petrol bombs at police lines, a Reuters reporter said. With the state cracking down hard on the Muslim Brotherhood, the universities have become the last major arena for protests by supporters of former President Mohamed Mursi, who the army deposed last July following mass protests against his rule. The army-backed government accuses the Brotherhood of turning to violence and has declared it a terrorist group. (full story)

Syria's Assad says war turning in his favor

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad (L) meets with professors and students of political science college in Damascus, in this handout photograph released by Syria's national news agency SANA') top left no-repeat;By Mariam Karouny BEIRUT - President Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday that Syria's three-year conflict was at a "turning point" due to his forces' military gains against rebels, state media said. Assad's allies have portrayed him as confident and in control and they expect him to run for and win a presidential election in July - a turnaround from last year when he looked on the verge of defeat as rebels advanced towards Damascus, struck in the heart of the capital and took control of key areas. Addressing graduate students and staff of the political science department in Damascus University: "(Assad) pointed out that there is a turning point in the crisis in Syria in terms of the continuous military achievements ... by the army and armed forces in the war against terror and in ... terms of national reconciliation," state news agency SANA reported. In recent months, government forces, backed by Lebanon's Shi'ite Muslim Hezbollah fighters, recaptured several rebel-held areas and border towns, closing off rebel supply routes from Lebanon and securing the main highway leading north from Damascus towards central Syria, Homs and the Mediterranean. (full story) - The Web Host Search Engine
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